Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heading off to a cabin to write

I am heading off to a cabin on a river to write.  My hubby will be there.  And another couple.  And another guy.  And lots of alcohol.  Okay so maybe the point of this trip isn't primarily to write but I do hope to get a bit of a wordcount knocked out.

But I am very much a drop everything if there is a hint of a gettogether/party/slightly fun social activity going on type of girl.  Actually there are many things that make my brain go "Squirrel" and drop everything.  But I don't usually feel guilty about the social stuff.

I've got a decent outline worked out and detailed sketches for Empty.  So today will be the first day of redrafting.  I was writing and writing without an outline before and I just can't trust myself to not go down too many rabbit holes.  I'm not focused enough.  I need somewhat of a map.  I have decided not to be bummed about all of the wasted effort over the last couple of months.  But rather to see it as a pretty short lesson in the scheme of things.

You know what will be weird?  It'd be weird if the sky drops a few tears today.  That would be weird.  And amazing.

Happy Thursday, all!


  1. Enjoy.

    But an aside...I really liked the texture of your graphic. The style could make a great book cover.

    Where did you get the artwork?

    Thanks, Mac

  2. Never mind...I saved the image and saw the title: RolosonCreative...found the website ;O)

  3. I did the same thing with my book and not I'm re-writing again. Just remember to never give up!

  4. Hey there Mac-
    That is a great graphic, isn't it? I like to peruse for cool images- both for my own enjoyment and for possible ebook covers. I suppose that could be procrastination method #1532.

    Thanks so much, JA.
    I didn't end up getting much writing done while away but I am typing away now. :)

    Happy Tuesday!