Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon vs Apple: Two Hot Suitors

Amazon and Apple are my hot and hunky suitors vying for my technological heart.   I go to bed at night with my iphone and Kindle (and my husband-but don’t tell Apple/Amazon).  They are my can’t live without devices nearest to my heart.

Of course, if we’re being honest here, Microsoft is also there as the dependable, lifelong friend who has unrequited love for me and that I want to love back but he just doesn’t do it for me. So we’re only coworkers/friends. Bc I can’t really live w/out my netbook either.  My trusty little writing tool.  I love touch screens for everything but writing.  Typing on them is a pain.  A real keyboard is much more efficient.  So, yeah, Microsoft will always be my work husband.  But while I have been having lots of fun dates with Amazon and Apple, they are both wanting a commitment lately.  How is a girl to decide?

I have had an iphone since ’06 and a Kindle since ’07.  I am also a pc girl and have had a netbook since ’08 (and regular huge laptops since forever).  So when the ipad came out I of course was in love… but not enough to buy.  Because, well, I have an iphone, kindle, and netbook.  Not really sure what I would need it for.  And the price wasn’t (isn’t) in the impulse buy range for me.

I love Amazon and buy all my books there and am a prime member and buy all kinds of non book items and get free shipping.  I recently started buying music at Amazon bc some of the songs were 20-40 cents cheaper and they have this doohickey thingy that will automatically put it in my itunes for me. 

All my music (until recently) and app buying has been through itunes (Apple).  The android phone explosion was never enough of a lure to get me away from the iphone.

Enter the Kindle Fire- a cheap tablet that is what I have been looking for from Apple but not getting.  I am firmly committed to buying my books from Amazon (have you tried to browse in the ibookstore-it sucks!) and am somewhat committed to buying my apps from apple bc I love my iphone.  But it looks like the kindle Fire will be like merging my kindle and iphone and taking out the phone (which I rarely use- I am a texter). 

It’s a conundrum.  $200 is impulse buy for me.  But I would have to populate the apps with new purchases.  But I could read all of my amazon ebooks on there.    

If I add in my opinions of the companies’ behavior in regards to publishing the last couple of years, I tend to lean a little Amazon.  Apple made an ego play in 2010.  And to publish directly with them and have better rankings in the ibookstore, you have to own a Mac.  So I bought a used Mac last month and have uploaded a couple of titles under one of my other pen names so that I could get things going on that end.  A lot of work for the non-mac-owning indie publisher.  I know smashwords will do that all for me but who wants 6 months old, disorganized sales data.  When compared to Amazon and BN, smash is the right place, right time little guy.  Hopefully, they will mature into a big guy soon bc I have high hopes (excellent accounting backend and audio selfpubbing would make Smash downright sexy).

Ok. So, writing this out hasn’t really helped me to decide anything.  You lovely readers have basically been my therapist couch.  Thanks so much for listening.  I will keep you updated. Sorry for the long post.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heading off to a cabin to write

I am heading off to a cabin on a river to write.  My hubby will be there.  And another couple.  And another guy.  And lots of alcohol.  Okay so maybe the point of this trip isn't primarily to write but I do hope to get a bit of a wordcount knocked out.

But I am very much a drop everything if there is a hint of a gettogether/party/slightly fun social activity going on type of girl.  Actually there are many things that make my brain go "Squirrel" and drop everything.  But I don't usually feel guilty about the social stuff.

I've got a decent outline worked out and detailed sketches for Empty.  So today will be the first day of redrafting.  I was writing and writing without an outline before and I just can't trust myself to not go down too many rabbit holes.  I'm not focused enough.  I need somewhat of a map.  I have decided not to be bummed about all of the wasted effort over the last couple of months.  But rather to see it as a pretty short lesson in the scheme of things.

You know what will be weird?  It'd be weird if the sky drops a few tears today.  That would be weird.  And amazing.

Happy Thursday, all!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I just had to post this photo.  It's pretty cool that a couple decided to go zombie for their wedding, though not that uncommon these days.  But to get so much of the wedding party in on it, too.  Kudos!

I have been totally not working on Empty and in fact think I am going to redraft it completely.  I write under a couple of different pen names and those projects have been taking my time as well as a week where I was under the weather and watched BONES all week.  I've now seen every episode and can't wait for the premiere in a few weeks.  I LOVE September bc it is premiere month- yay!!!

I'll post updated excerpts as I write them.

Happy Friday, y'all!