Friday, May 20, 2011

More covers (not procrastinating this time, tho. Honest)

These were done by the amazing Nathan Wrann (@nathanwrann) so I really didn't procrastinate to make them.  And he did these in like 2 seconds so he didn't, either.
I think I like this first one the best.  But I'll put up the other three, also.

They're all awesome, of course.  It's amazing what a difference font makes.  That is the true art of ebook covers, I think.
Thanks, Nathan!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slowly but surely...

Empty is coming along slowly but surely.  Being all ADD doesn't help.  Once I'm writing, I love it.  I do it for hours.  Hyperfocused, really.  But getting myself, my mind, into the mindset can be challenging.'s a challenge I'm up for.

Do I get a little green when I think about those writers out there who can whip out a manuscript in a couple of weeks or a month no problem? Yes.  Does it make make what I am doing any less worthy because I have to work a little harder than they do? No.

So, BITCHOK!  Butt in the chair hands on keyboard!  That is what I tell myself.

Okay, back to work.