Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another cover (procrastination activity #498)

I'm playing around here.  I like to think I am being more productive this way instead of playing Words With Friends all the time, though.  Now, perhaps I should work on creating some words instead of images.


  1. I like this cover... How's the book coming along?

  2. Slowly but surely. Focus is soooo not my strong point. Of course, it's all social media's fault, not mine. :P

    What are you writing?

  3. Hi Kate! Congrats on your book :). Is this your first e book? When is it coming out? I'm in the same boat; about to publish my first e book. Just thought I would ask because I had plans, as well, to have it finished by May 1! LOL. Now, I'm just realizing I don't want to rush it, and I'm wrapping up a scene and overall editing. Mine will be out mid June, late June.

  4. How exciting! So, are you a full time writer? How long have you been writing? Congrats on your success! Keep ME posted when your book is out and I'll buy one! :) Thanks for reading my prologue! I appreciate the feedback! :).

  5. This cover seems a much better fit than the others that I've seen you post here. It will be particularly effective if the image you currently have is the bottom half of the cover and the gray, fogggy sky continues to extend for the top half, making the majority of the cover empty, so to say.

    I would get away from the fluorescent green color font and use something a little more substantial (thick).

    Looks good. Good luck with finishing it up and getting it out there.

    -Nathan Wrann

  6. Thanks, Nathan!! That's a great idea to let it fade into empty nothingness.
    I really appreciate your comment here and I always enjoy your commments on Konrath's blog. :)
    Is Dalton Gang Press just for your stuff or are you publishing for other folks, too?

  7. Hey Kate,

    Stopping by via Konrath's blog. I like this cover the best so far -- if you care what a stranger has to say : ).

    Your book sounds interesting.


  8. Thanks, Josie. You're no stranger! I love your comments on Konrath's blog. And even if you were a stranger, I shouldn't be putting stuff out that I can't handle strangers commenting on, right?

    Happy writing!